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Avarae is a celebration of faith, music, and unity that you won't want to miss. Immerse yourself in an evening filled with soul-stirring performances and inspiring messages. This celebration is about more than just entertainment; it's about coming together to celebrate our shared values and the power of music to uplift and unite. Experience the harmony of faith and music at Avarae. Avarae is more than a concert; it's a grand celebration of gospel music, love, and unity, deeply rooted in the spirit of God. Avarae 2.0 brings together thousands of music lovers because some moments deserve a grand stage. We believe that the scale of Avarae reflects the profound impact we aim to achieve. This year, we're dedicating our gathering to supporting a meaningful cause, ensuring that every note played contributes to a greater good.


not Just Music

Come to Avarae and enjoy a night of gospel music in Chennai. This event brings people together to enjoy music that touches the heart. It's not just a concert; it's a chance for everyone to join in worship and help make a difference. We’ll sing, celebrate, and support good causes together.


Avarae is a special evening where gospel music fills the air. This event in Chennai features wonderful gospel singers who share messages of faith through their songs. It’s a place to feel uplifted and connect with others, while also helping the community. Join us for a night of music, joy, and sharing.



Get to Know the Avarae People

Avarae Family a dedicated team bringing you an unforgettable night of gospel music and community spirit.

Avarae Gallery

A vibrant collection of moments captured from our unforgettable evenings of music, fellowship, and inspiration. Witness the joy and community spirit that Avarae brings to life.

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